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I Registered...Have You?

Well....I did it. About a week ago, without telling anyone, without immediately posting it to social media. I did it. I

registered for the CrossFit Games Open. I actually started the registration - stopped - left the page up and came back to it the next day before I clicked "submit."

Immediate Reaction. Gulp. What Have I DONE? I mean..I work 4 jobs, plus being a mom and wife. How in the world will I have time to have a workout verified and registered online once a week for 5 weeks. What am I thinking? I mean, I can't do double unders, muscle ups, handstand pushups...seriously? What am I thinking?

Female, 45-49, Masters category. As if that is much better than the younger age group. I mean, have you seen the masters athletes at the Games? Good grief. Those women could cut meat with their biceps their muscles are so chiseled.

You know what? IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

Why? Just like entering your first CrossFit competition (which, if you have not done one yet, let's talk), the Games workouts and the extra incentive to push your fitness to the max can bring out the best in you. And what better place for that to happen than with your CFAMM Family who is going to cheer you on throughout it all? I cannot wait to watch our fellow box members KILL these workouts.

No matter what happens during my workout. We are in it together. We can do this.

So, if you are on the fence about registering or even if you haven't thought about it at all, I encourage you to streeetttccch your comfort zone just a little bit and take on the challenge of the Open.

Let's meet this challenge together as the CFAMM Family!

Here is a GREAT article on what the Open is as well as more reasons to participate!

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