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16.1 Done...But, the Memory Lasted for Days After

Is it weird to get anxiety from watching a live broadcast of an announcement about a workout? The Dave Castro surely must derive quite a bit of glee from these announcements (he looks like he does, be honest). And what power! I mean, almost 300,000 people around the globe did what he said to do within the next 4 days after he said it.

What a workout. Let me just talk about the scaled version (which is what I did) - 25 foot walking lunge with 35 lb racked bar, 8 bar facing burpees, another 25 foot walking lunge with 35 lb racked bar, then 8 "jumping" pull-ups. Do as many rounds of that as you can in 20 minutes.

On paper, that WOD does not seem bad at all. You think, hmmm, I can do that. This is do-able. Then, at about minute 12 (for me...heard different times hit people at different moments), you completely lose track of what round you are on and rely completely on your judge/coach to tell you what comes next. Thank you again Daniel South - you were my hero during that workout! Once done, I am not sure I have gasped and moaned that much since I had a kidney stone several years was painful. And, that does not include the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that ruled my life for the next 2-3 days. Thoughts during that time: "do I really need to pick that up off the ground?" "Guys are so lucky they can pee standing up instead of sitting down."

Things seen at the Box: a HUGE amount of fellow athletes from CFAMM doing the Open - 41 in fact! It was inspiring to watch everyone lined up each day to get their time judged. I saw friends who were recovering from illness that had took them out of the Box for a week (hey Rochelle!) and several, like me, who were experiencing their first Open. And what about those that did it more than once? Who did RX more than once? They were willing to hit that pain because they just felt/knew that they were going to get a better score.

While looking at scores of the elite level athletes is impressive (I mean, hello Josh Bridges with 365 reps and Emily Bridgers with 354), I am even more in awe of all my fellow CFAMM friends, you guys are just the best! And a HUGE special thanks to all the coaches/judges that had to spend extra time with us all to get scores completed - we appreciate all you do!

So, ya know, I am sitting ranked 94th right now. Yep. Top 100. Well, I mean, that is in my age Georgia. Still, I am kind of proud. And, you better believe I am gonna hold really tight onto that good feeling as we prepare for (the anxiety-inducing) announcement 16.2!

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