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How Much Do You Love Me?

That is what she asked when she texted me.

"How Much Do You Love Me?"

It was Coach Kelly...late at night on a Tuesday evening. I immediately thought - she meant to send that to her hubby Steve. But no. It was for me. The next text was - "we think it would be a great idea to have Masters athletes do the Open 16.4 workout immediately after the announcement Thursday evening."

Long pause on my end.

ummmmmm....I don't know about that. That makes me really nervous. However, I sort of, kind of, begrudgingly agreed to do it after alot of "you can do it" type of texts and conversations.

In the days before, I confess I read WAY TOO MANY predictions about what 16.4 might be this week - which is almost always useless and only added to making me more anxious.

So, fast forward to Thursday evening. Everyone asking "you ready?" Ummm, no. I want to throw up. I want to go home. Ultimately - as all of you know who await this announcement - it is NOT the actual doing the event. Everything is do-able to a point. I do WODs 4-6 times a week. I have done competition. I have survived 16.1 - 16.3. It is the NOT KNOWING what it is, there is no way to mentally prepare and I know all my weak skills might be brought up in this one. And then, to have to do it immediately after the announcement - there is no way to fully mentally prepare yourself.

Finally, 8 pm (EST), time for the announcement from The Dave Castro. I held my breath as it was announced. 55 Deadlifts (thank you Lord Baby Jesus); 55 Wall Balls (blech...but, ok); 55 calories on Rower (I am ok with that); and 55 HandStand Push-Ups (something I am working on .... but have not yet mastered). 13 minute AMRAP - so if you get done with all the reps, you start over to see how far you can go. Your score is the total number of reps you complete.

I decide for the evening to do the scaled womens masters (age 45-49) version: 55 deadlifts (95#); 55 wallballs (10# ball); 55 calories on rower; 55 hand-release push ups (insted of HSPU).

3..2..1..GO. Once we start (as most CrossFitters or athletes know) - you are in the zone. There could have been 0 people there or there could have been 1,000, didn't matter. You are moving, which is a good feeling after all that anxiety.

The deadlifts were great - 95# all day long baby. No problem. Wall Balls with a 10# ball are not so terrible (if you normally do a 14# ball). I think (Lindsey South can correct me if I am wrong - she was my judge) I was done with deadlifts and wallballs at just over 5 minutes into the WOD. The rower - geez - on the rower for so very long. I think it would take about 5 pulls to make 1 calorie. The calories only increase on the pull, not on the release (unlike when you are rowing for meters). So, it felt like time stood still while you are trying to finish those 55 calories. I think Lindsey went and had a drink somewhere because she had plenty of time (right, Lindsey?). Finally, off the rower (after wrestling with getting my feet out of the stupid straps!) and on to push-ups. The first 10 came pretty easy. After that, it was groups of 5, groups of 2, group of 1....then "time" was called, and I got to gracefully lay face first on the ground. Such a nice, nice relaxing. Congratulatory fist bumps from folks while I was face down was particularly funny. I ended up with 32 push-ups in with a final score of 197.

After you are done - you know that feeling, that post-WOD glow. You know you pushed yourself. You are proud of what you have accomplished. Now, the question is...can I do it again and get more reps OR can I do the RX and see how far I can get? I think I can.

So, the answer is, yes, I do love Coach Kelly...and Coach Matt...and Coach Chris...and Coach Marcus. Why? Because they challenge me when I am too scared to challenge myself. And, that, my friends, is a very good thing.

I encourage you to come visit CrossFit at Monroe Mill - or your nearest CrossFit "box." See what rising up to meet challenges does for you!

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