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Newbie...aren't we all?

"Hi. I am the new person. I am nervous. I don't know what to expect. I am scared. I fear I am far more out of shape than I thought. I can't do this. Will someone help me understand what I am doing? Will anyone talk to me? Maybe I should just stay home."

Did you feel that way the first time YOU came to the Box? I started in Bootcamp with Coach Kelly and was there for months watching...watching...watching all you "CrossFitters" do ya thing. The first time I did an actual CrossFit WOD, I thought I would DIE of nerves (kind of still feel that way some days). I do remember thrusters being part of my first perhaps I had good instincts. I was grateful that I knew some of the folks already doing classes, it made the transition that much easier. If I had not known anyone - if I had just come in because I had "heard" about CrossFit - would I have come back if no one had talked with me?

So, I try to look for those people. The new ones. The visitors. As CFAMM members we all need to do that. Don't let someone stand there too long by themselves. Start introducing yourself and the group you are standing with. Don't let them go into a WOD thinking they have to figure it all out alone. I know our Coaches will do a great job helping new folks modify weights and moves - but WE can help them breathe a little easier by extending our hands and helping them to LAUGH while they are there.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have been contacted by LOTS of people in the past few weeks about CrossFit. Not sure if it is the time of year, or end of the school year, or if the CrossFit "kool-aid" has been pumped into the water supply or what. But, how exciting! And, they are asking me about CrossFit?! Awesome! Tell people about CFAMM, send them to the website and our Facebook page, tell them they get 2 WEEKS FREE trial and all Saturday WODs are Free and open to the Community.

Let's remember, we have all been the newbie at one time. Now, we aren't. So, make sure that any new person only feels "new" one time. Let's embrace and welcome them into our CFAMM family.

Pssstttt, hey, New Person, psssstttt, the stuff below is just for you:

  • We are incredibly glad you are here at CrossFit at Monroe Mills (CFAMM).

  • You are flippin' awesome for making your health a priority!

  • It is okay to be nervous and sweaty for reasons beyond actually doing the workout.

  • If your reaction after the first WOD is "My God, What Have I Done?" - you did it right. In about six months you will wonder how you ever got along without CrossFit.

  • Don't expect to lift "all the weights" on your first day/week/month/etc. Start off lighter than you think you might want to do - especially if you have not ever lifted weight before. No one will judge the weight you pick up. You are there picking up what is right for YOU, not anyone else.

  • Don't expect to know all the various lifts on your first day/week/month/etc.. You don't have to know the difference between a hang clean and a power clean and a squat clean ... you will, if you stick with it, but it is OK not to know it to start.

  • TRY not to compare yourself with others in the gym. This may be the HARDEST tip ever. Because I think we all still do it. But rest assured, that person you are watching did not start out lifting that much/moving that fast/being that strong either.

  • PLEASE speak up if you don't understand what you are being told about the workout. Doing the moves correctly keeps you from injury and brings results. You don't want to learn the "wrong way" to do a move and then keep repeating that.

  • Listen to the coach.

  • If you don't want to call a coach over, ask the person standing next to you. I promise they will help. If they don't know the answer - they can find out for you.

  • Have Fun. Wait...what? Have fun? I am just trying not to die. No, really - have fun. Work your tail off - but remember that we GET TO DO THIS, not that we HAVE TO DO THIS. Let's get fit together and have fun doing it!

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