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That Blue Button

Are you obsessed with it? That Blue Button. That "RX" button on the Whiteboard. Tell me the truth.

When you click that little blue "RX" button on Wodify, it means that YOU did the workout as "prescribed" (i.e. you did it at the RX weight or with RX movements, you didn't scale anything). To be able to RX a WOD at expected pace is an amazing accomplishment and one we should be proud to achieve.

But, you know what? You need to stop worrying about whether or not you "click" that RX on every workout. Wait...what? But, isn't that why we are working each and every day? Isn't that why I push myself to move heavy things, become faster, squat deeper? The answer is partly, yes...and partly, no.

Why is the answer Yes? You SHOULD continue to push your limits. We can constantly improve some aspect of the work we do to make our workouts more efficient and ourselves a better athlete. There will always be skills to learn - maybe it is improving the bar path to make our lifts more efficient, maybe it is working on kipping for handstand push-ups or multiple other opportunities - including lifting heavier. And, if striving towards that RX level is what lights a fire under you to push yourself, then use that for motivation.

Why is the answer No? If you are doing the RX weight or movement simply to light up that RX button, you might be missing out. A workout intended to be done in 5 minutes shouldn't take 15 minutes. If it does, maybe you need to adjust the weight you are lifting. Why? Because you are no longer receiving the intended outcome of the workout. A 5-minute workout should tax all of your abilities, it is meant to be done fast, painfully fast. Now, don't misunderstand me. This doesn't mean to accept whatever level you are at. No, No, No. We can all get better, faster, more efficient, etc. - no matter our age or current level of fitness.

To paraphrase a sentence from an article I recently read (I will link if I find it): Have you watched CrossFit Games elite athletes? If you are not moving through your workouts with some kind of similar speed and intensity, you might need to consider adjusting the weight you lift or the movements you are doing.

It is OK to not push the RX button as long as you are maxing out the level YOU are at! Your workout effort should always be based on what is best for YOU, not on whether or not you lift heavier than the person standing next to you. No one will think any differently of you - really. What they will be impressed by is your ability to crush a workout at its intended effort.

Confused on whether or not to go scaled or RX? Talk to your coaches!

This article from BoxLife Magazine also provides some great information: "Should you Not Scale Your Next Workout"

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