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And Then...It Was Over is done. Over. Finito. We did it - CrossFit Open Games 16.1 - 16.5.

For many of us, it was our first Open as part of CrossFit - including a first time ever being "judged" for the standards executed. Others have done it several years in a row. But, for everyone - no matter if we did RX or scaled (or a combination of both), I think we can ALL fully call it a success.

We pushed our comfort level, pushed our fitness level, pushed each other (that was the best part) and grew tighter as a family. Amazing. CrossFit and The Dave Castro kind of know what they are doing, huh? Feeling part of a HUGE global community, no matter where you place in the end, brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction and unity.

Here are some comments post-Open from several athletes at our Box (borrowed from Facebook posts):

  • "What an exhausting 5 weeks it has been but my competitive side was on over drive! Pushing myself beyond the limits that I have ever thought possible!" Jaime Barela

  • "I wanted to stop so bad then i heard my team mates ... with kind words "just one at a time" (Randy Prater) and everyone else that cheered me on." Crystal Wilkerson

  • "The best feeling ever is setting a goal and later achieving it! Wanted to finish in the top 500 in this year's @crossfitgames Open and finished 407th! Not a bad year! Now it's time to set some new goals and work towards em!" Coach Marcus Lindquist

  • "Our first Open is DONE. 5 weeks of pure, unadulterated, tortuous fun with our CFAMM family!" Holly Halford

  • "I didn't die although It felt like it!!! Thanks for all of the encouragement, motivation and cheers from my CFAMM peeps....kept me moving! My 1st Crossfit Open is in the books. Can't wait to see where I am a year from now." Beth Prater

  • "The final results....I finished 91st out of almost 700 GA women my age. Finished in the top 12% in my region and top 14% in the world...But the best part of this experience was watching, cheering on and photographing some amazing athletes. We became closer and stronger together." Lacey Larissa

A special THANK YOU to Lacey, Kip and Chasity (to name a few) for all the awesome photos taken during these 5 weeks!

The collected suffering, the support, the coaching, the realization that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS gets you pumped up for all the petty things in life that can bring you down. I think we go forward into this next year ready to tackle new goals and get ready for Open 2017.

Thank you to all of the Coaches, the friends, the family members, etc. for making this such a great 5 weeks.

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