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Don't Make Me Go All "Mom" on You

I can do it, ya know. I can be the "mom" of the group. And, I don't mind, it is second nature and I kind of love taking care of everyone.

"gah, Mom, what are you even talking are being so, like, vague."

I am talking about the Golden Rule of the Gym. Just like we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Let's treat the Box equipment like it is our own.

"ugh....are you talking about being responsible?"

Well, yes, I am. You can do it, I know you can.

Just to give you some examples of equipment costs:

  • Wall Balls: $65-80 each

  • Barbells: $240 each

  • Boxes: While cost is just the wood...these are handmade and do take time to build

  • Bumper Plates: $16 - 72 each

  • Kettlebells: $50 and up

The more we can take care of OUR equipment, the less we have to replace and the better we can keep our costs down (member costs, operation costs, etc.). Oh....and, not to mention, we all prefer to use un-sweatified, un-bloodied, yuck-free equipment on a regular basis.

So, don't roll your eyes too much ("I see you back there") as you read the following "Do's and Don'ts":

  • Wall Balls: Wipe down after each use and put back on the appropriate rack. Do not sit on the wall balls; Do not carry by the black "strap"; Do not throw the ball up and allow it to land from the target height without an attempt to slow the trajectory before it hits the ground.

  • Barbells: Do NOT drop an unloaded barbell. Not only will you be the unwanted center of attention in the room due to the will damage the bar. It is a good and courteous idea to use a cleaning rag (with lightly sprayed disinfectant solution) to wipe down the bar to remove any sweat or other fluids. Just for fun (!), read up on how barbells are made here.

  • Boxes: Don't DRAG the box across the floor. This splinters the edges, weakening the box.

  • Bumper Plates: While some of the bumper plates we have can withstand hitting the ground on a loaded barbell, it is best practice to not release a loaded bar unless it is at chest height or lower. Please don't do this if you only have 10 lb plates loaded on the bar. These plates, because they

are designed thinner, will not hold up to being dropped, which is why you see so many of our 10 lb plates bend when they are loaded. As you prepare to load your bar, it is preferred not to throw the plates face down on the ground as this also weakens the plate. If you have seen the plates with the silver "rim" that has popped out of the plate - this is what happens when they are mishandled too much.

  • Kettlebells: Do NOT drop kettlebells from overhead heights. One, because it is dangerous to you and to those around you (ummm, I can speak from experience on this one - I have quite a knot on my lower left shin that happened months ago....not sure it will ever go away). Two, because it can potentially damage the kettlebell. Post-WOD, you can take a cleaning rag sprayed with disinfectant and wipe off the handles.

Other quick care items:

  • Wipe down the rings if used (for muscle-ups, ring push-ups, ring rows, etc.)

  • Wipe down the rig where you did pull-ups.

  • Wipe down the benches after bench press day.

"okay, okay, okay, Mom. I get it."

Alright, I will stop with the "Do's and Don'ts" list now. But, you already knew all these things, didn't you? Help us keep our Box the best it can be! I love you all. Now, come here and let mom wipe off that little smudge of chalk off your face.

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