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So, What is the Open Anyway?

It's the time of year where everyone keeps asking if you are doing the Open...I mean, at least at CrossFit at Monroe Mill. I mean, we just assume everyone will give it a try.

But, I mean, what if you have no idea what the Open even it possible to even CrossFit without knowing? Of course it is. But, you might want to get to know the basics, just to join in the chatter.

The CrossFit Open is the beginning of the CrossFit Games (the "SuperBowl" of CrossFit).

The Open consists of 5 WODs. These are announced weekly, so Week 1 will bring Open Workout 17.1 (year is 2017, it is week 1 of the Open), Week 2 brings Open Workout 17.2, etc. The announcements are kept VERY under wraps by The Dave Castro (who puts together all Games workouts from the Open through the Games) - which leads to high levels of anticipation!

Plan to join us! CFAMM will host Open Announcement viewing "parties" each Thursday evening. Once the workout is announced, you get to immediately watch 2 (or more) athletes compete onscreen and then we plan to have some live competition right there at the Box.

Once the workout is announced, those who are signed up have until Monday of the following week to sign up for a workout time, find a judge, do the workout and submit their scores.

How do you sign up to get judged for Open workouts? Check out the chalkboard in the back of the Box at CFAMM (on the wall behind the GHD equipment). That will be our "Open" board. We will list available WOD times for each week's competition (with attempts to do most of them Friday evenings). Apart from Friday evenings, you can make contact with a certified judge to see if you can schedule a different time before the Monday deadline, assuming it does NOT interfere with scheduled WOD times. You are responsible for submitting your score before each week's deadline!

Why is the Open such a big deal?

  • EVERYONE who eventually makes it to the Games, starts with the Open. So, when you do a workout during the Open - you are competing with someone that might have been doing CrossFit for 2 months to Matt Fraser (2016 Fittest Man on Earth) and Katrin Davidsdottir (2016 Fittest Woman on Earth).

  • The Open allows you to test your fitness level and ability in a competition atmosphere - allowing the "pressure" of being judged/scored spur you on to potentially new levels (you may hit PRs and new moves that you previously have not seen).

  • I like to think that we are always a very supportive group of folks - but, you will experience a level of support during Open workouts almost like no other. We are so excited to see each other compete!

  • The Open allows you to see how you compare to athletes around the world, to your State, to your Region, to your age group, etc. - it can be very empowering to see where you rank!

"But, but, but....I can't do all the CrossFit moves RX." No worries, CrossFit allows for scaled, masters, RX competition during the Open. So, yes you can.

How do you sign up to do the Open? Go to and sign up - it is super easy. Cost is $20 to compete.

What happens after the Open? The top athletes in each Region will go on to compete at the CrossFit Regionals (May 19-June 4). Winners from Regionals will go on to compete at the Games (Aug. 1 - 6).

Yes, you can. Sign up Today!

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